> Dolls House

P bedroom sofa close
L back wall
L chair by fire 1
L chaise close
Green dressing table
L curtains
D curtains bay natural
G floral corner (2)
G washstand laquer
Pink bedroom and floor
L whole room 1
S by window bright (2)
S into room
Room box left table
Front house xmas
In doll house 3
P whole from above lights
P bay lit 1
P by window bright
G putting on ritz
L whole lit xmas
S xmas bright
G floral corner
D cake side table
G whole lit 3
G bed and corner detail
Bedroom window 1
P whole nij
S desk top nij
Front door xmas 1
Copy of front door xmas 1
D christmas 1
D christmas food
D christmas 2
D christmas 3
S desk
G ceiling
P wash close
P wash close up 1
D bay window 1
O DSCF0224
O tree and garden
House lit