A Mini Book and a video

Today I finally complete my beach mini book.

I had started it in the summer and completed half of it - January - July and had put it aside to finish the second part once the year was over.


The mini book is about Dorset beaches in all of their beauty. Regular readers know I NEED the beach. I need the water and the waves. We go to the beach so much - at least once or twice a week, often more. I love it most in the winter. I am not a fan of hot weather and sitting on the beach appeals to me not at all. I like the cold, the wind and waves, the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the tang of salt. And thankfully, the county where I live is diverse from wide sandy beaches, some of the best in the country, rugged coast, peaceful harbours, busy quays and, of course, the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast. And we love it all.


So here are the pages of this mini book which kind of grew and has a lot of flaps and pockets and tags to cram in as much as possible.


Dorset beachmini 1 copy


Dorset beachmini 1 copy


Dorset beachmini 1 copy


Dorset beachmini 1 copy


Dorset beachmini 1 copy


and - should you want to see as it makes the interactivity clearer, there is a five minute video.



Today I am thankful for

  • Living in Dorset - the best country in the world (I think)
  • Having the courage to do the video
  • a positive glaucoma review



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