The end of a project

Yesterday was the culmination in what has been a very frustrating spring and a dozen years of procrastination.

We had a set of outside steps which were horrible. They came from the dining room down onto the patio but in such a way as to take up half of the patio. We have a big garden and could have extended the patio but we really didn't want to. The steps were made of cast iron and every two years Nigel had to rub them down and then either I or we painted them. It was never-ending and they were still ugly, industrial and in the wrong format.

The trouble was we couldn't decide what to do and we had so many different ideas which were tricky as the house is split level - hard to explain.

In the end we contacted a friend of Nigel's who runs a fabrication company and he came to look and advise and came up with the perfect solution. He said why not have a spiral staircase which would look fab, save space and be made of something needing NO MAINTAINTENCE

He drew up plans and we expected to wait until the end of June. However, they were ready really quickly and yesterday they were installed. And oh my


The old steps in all their horrible glory taking up too much patio and rusting away


Patio 1


The full horror from the dining room


Patio 2

Cutting them apart - too heavy to move in one heap



Patio 3

No steps at all - notice the awful patio slabs ... it's why we cover them



Patio 4



dead steps on the lawn


Patio 5

four strong men bringing in the new steps


Patio 5


much better view from inside - nice new composite decking

Patio 5


Our new outdoor space - compact but we love it


Patio 5


Patio 5










and this afternoon we finally got to enjoy it





Now onto scrapping - lots of that too


I think Simple Stories Vintage weathered garden is one of my all time favourite collections










I broke into my new 49 nd Market for this one





Just be you 2


Just be you 2


Just be you 2








Seaside memory


Today I am thankful for

  • a completed patio
  • space to enjoy
  • an awesomely tidy garden front and back
  • no work now until we start the hall stairs and landing and we don't have the stomach for that yet!



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