Our job is done

Thankfully we have now finished the lounge and I think this might be our last big renovation project - we have done everywhere and frankly we are too old to do that level of physical work. We are both shattered - but it was worth it.

We started out with the fireplace being changed back in February last year but I was still recovering from surgery etc and so we had to put everything else on hold.

Then we did a massive project int he bedroom in the summer which was traumatic but thankfully we didn't do a great deal of the work ourselves. We loved the bedroom so much as it was all completely neutral and very calming. So our thoughts turned to our dated lounge.

We set out with the idea to make it as neutral and streamlined as possible. We got rid f lots of clutter, lots of ornaments which no longer brought us joy and we opted for new whit furniture to go with the neutral colour scheme - and I have to say we love it.


There are still a few things to be sorted - the sound system, we want a larger tv (yes seriously) and pictures need to be hung - but its clean and fresh and neutral and the carpet is wonderful and soft and we are happy.









2 all


2 all


2 all


2 all










Lounge 5 d


Lounge 5 d


Lounge 8 d


Lounge 8 d


Lounge 17 n


Lounge 17 n


and the Koda seal of approval


Lounge 20 n

I was so relieved to go to art today and relax

I tried pastels (I really don't like them) on black paper of Koda

Not my finest hour but it was a nice diversion

Koda b and white insta

Today I am thankful for

  • the lounge being completed
  • peace and tranquility
  • REST



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