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Tomorrow I finally start my radiotherapy. I am a little apprehensive. Like much of medical science these days it seems extreme (and I do sometimes wonder if it is a one size fits all approach which is not always the best) but I have to put my trust int he medical professionals and my faith in God that this is the path I am meant to walk int he long run.

They give you all the worst-case scenarios when you do your consent because, sadly, they have to as we live in such a litigious society these days. They assure you that some of the effects are very very rare (well I was told it was very rare for anyone called back for a mammogram to have anything wrong, then I was told it was very rare for the calcification to become DCIS and then very very rare for the DCIS to become invasive ... you get my point ... I checked all of those rare boxes)

Anyway - come tomorrow they are going to attack my poor booby, healthy tissue and all, with high-dose radiation which my body then has to fight to recover from and at the very least I am likely to be sore, red, blister, peel and generally be fed up again. I only have to have 5 sessions but they are higher dose. I am guessing I can add dry and peelings kin to my still blue and tender poor nipple. Apparently, it can take well over a year for the discolouration to fade away and sometimes it never does. But, if this stops me getting a re-occurence, or at least lessens the chances, that is good. I still haven't decided what I am going to do about the hormone therapy drugs when I am reviewed in a few weeks time.

Anyway - today I feel well - no damage yet - and I have been scrapping

Firstly two digital pages to share


April 23 Artsy layered template #4


April-23-artsy-layered-temp insta


Stourhead 2020 insta

 and I have my other class pages for ATDML to share too


Books to read insta

Books to read insta

Books to read insta


Books to read insta


Time to relax insta


Time to relax insta


Time to relax insta


Time to relax insta


Today I am thankful for

  • our NHS
  • science
  • free will
  • faith


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