A birthday and a heatwave

I haven't blogged for a few days because - well, I have been hot. Seriously hot.

We are so not geared up for heat here.


Thankfully, although we haven't had the rain that was promised, we have less heat.


I have also had a birthday since I last blogged and I have some very silly birthday photos to share. I was spoilt with lots of birthday wishes and gifts and had a lovely meal out too. 



IMG_E8877 copy


IMG_E8877 copy


IMG_8893 copy



IMG_8832 copy


IMG_8832 copy


IMG_8832 copy






Such fun


I did a bit of painting




And a bit of scrapping









Today I am thankful for

  • a lovely birthday
  • paintings for the exhibition all framed
  • gorgeous fur babies (still haven't had their next blood test as it was cancelled due to the vets having COVID)
  • filter fun



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