Vacinated and Spring is here

The vaccination went well yesterday and I am so relieved it is done. No side effects from it - which is even better - and the second date is all booked in.

Indy has healed and so they can now run around with abandon and sleep in their own room so it is a good news week. These two adorable little boys have stolen our hearts completely and the trials of the last week have brought us even closer.









We have been taking daily exercise separately all week as Indy needed supervision and so it was lovely to go for a walk today in the beautiful sunshine at Kingston Lacy


Glorious daffodils - hundreds and hundreds of them - and camelias and there were still snowdrops left too

Dafs 2


Dafs 2


Dafs 2


Dafs 2

a real drift of snowdrops


Dafs 9


Dafs 9


Dafs 9


Dafs 9


Dafs 9


And just two pages to share as I have been painting and also sorting out my scrap room - a lot to do still





Today I am thankful for

  • spring sunshine
  • daffodils
  • new craft storage
  • vaccinations



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