A tribute to a great man

Regular readers know - well let's face it it is no secret - how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband. He is my world and I wanted to share this page made as a tribute to him. Feel free to skip what is a very soppy and romantic post about the love of my life.


When we married, almost 37 years ago, we promised to be together through everything - 'for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health' and my goodness has he done that the last 2 months.

He has been by my side for every appointment, met with every consultant, sat by my bedside, cared for me when I came home, fed me, helped me bathe, helped me dress and loved me through all of it. I could not have wished for anyone better or more caring and this cancer stuff has been hard on him too as he was so helpless and  I know how I would feel f the roles were reversed and he was the one with cancer. It's hard on family members. They need support too.

So this page is for Nigel - to show everyone how utterly wonderful he is.


THIS-is-love insta



THIS-is-love insta 2


THIS-is-love insta 2


THIS-is-love insta 2


THIS-is-love insta 2

I made it using some gorgeous heart flair that I was sent as a design team member and I used loads and loads of scraps up.


Today I am thankful for

  • Nigel - my greatest blessing.

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