Two down three to go

Well I have done 2 of my three radiotherapy sessions. I am so pleased. It's not nice, my poor booby is already red and hot and a bit painful but it's my shoulders suffering. It's not an easy position to assume for that amount of time. BUT 2 down. That's great news and now I have the weekend off.

I have painting to share today ... I think I am doing more painting than scrapping at the moment. I thought I'd post a selection of bird paintings today



This was a Matthew Palmer tutorial that I really enjoyed and like the finished picture. It's larger than A4 size


Blue tit insta


This was my own for a challenge at paul Clark - I liked the colours and the salted background

Blue tit insta


This was for my art class - we had to paint a bird. I spoilt this one with the background . Both the Parrota nd the woodpecker are large - over A4 size

Blue tit insta


and these two are small - just 4 x 6 poctures

Blue tit insta


Blue tit insta


The good news is we have made a decision on or bedroom. We had several companies come and quote and draw up designs and have gone with Hammonds. We plan everything - furniture, wall,s carpet, curtains, all being really neutral and bland so we can add our colour with the bedding and accessories and that way I can have lots of different colours. For the last 13 years my bedroom has been cream with all of my bedding being teal blue shades. I'm ready for cream and pink and navy and green and grey . It's not being done until the summer but despite the upheaval, I think it will be lovely.

Today I am thankful for

  • 2 sessions down
  • the kindness of staff
  • painting fun



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