Days just fly but memories remain

I seriously don't know where the days go - they just vanish

However, whilst days fly by some memories last forever, indelibly marked on our collective unconsciousness. Today is such a day


20 years ago ... cocooned in a school where we don't have TVs or radios on,  we didn’t hear the news immediately... I remember going outside just before collection time and talking to parents... some very worried. We had a lot of parents who worked for J P Morgan who had offices in the twin towers. For me it is also inexorably linked to Daddy. We watched the news coverage together as I packed his case for his final visit to hospital. He never came home, passing just three days later.

The world changed for everyone that day. Visiting the 9/11 museum and the memorial was something we both felt we HAD to do and it was hard. There was much I couldn't watch or listen to and we left emotionally drained after our visit. The anniversary seems even more poignant in light of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and it seems we are once again on the precipice.

The world needs to remember and pull together forgetting these petty differences that seem to consume everyone so much


This is a photo I took at the 9/11 museum in 2018



I have been scrapping a lot as I wanted to complete my album on our little mini break to Wales. No idea how a three day break has ended up with a thirty page album but there you go!


But I have completed it now which is excellent.


So here are some welsh pages ... I won't bombard you with all of them in one go!


This is the title page









I have also been working with some lush digital things. One of my favourite designers - TirAmisu Designs  - was our Gal Friday this week and I worked with her gorgeous Gal Friday Just September collection which is heavily discounted and has a free gift at the moment.





and I don't think I shared this one though I made it last week


Missing you web


and finally I have two pieces of art to share. One was just a bit of a fun doodle and the other was a painting from art this week. we had to use acrylics as watercolours and paint a picture completely from our imagination. I found it really hard to not have a reference photo but I gave it a go.







Today I am thankful for

  • relative peace in the world I habit - so many people are NOT living in a safe peaceful place. They loose loved ones, see things no-one should see, live in fear of their lives and the lives of those they love. I pray that all of the leaders of the world can work together, setting aside differences and trey to bring peace to all


Hug your loved ones just a little closer today because none of us know what lies just around the corner, ever!


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