I'm done!

Today was an important day.





It's been a testing road since October and today saw what we hope is the end. I finished my radiotherapy, I have a couple of follow up appointments but I think - I pray - that's it and my brush with cancer is done and dusted. I am very sore, very red like bad sunburn (but it contrasts nicely with the blue nipple) and I rang that cancer free bell.  We even managed to take a couple of photos.

(I look dreadful - my dark rings could easily encircle Saturn as I am not sleeping well and am terribly tired)








I am incredibly grateful to so many people. First and foremost to my wonderful truly exceptional husband. He was the best nurse ever, came to every appointment, held my hand through so many awful things, dressed me, helped me bath and shower, and was just there, always. He is my soul mate and came good on those vows made 37 years ago - in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. I am very very blessed. He's a bloke so not so good at the emotional support but I had my other best friend who has also been with me every step of the way. Jakki has been there to support me when I have sobbed, to check in on me daily, to be a constant support, a voice of reason, and she has cried with me and for me. I couldn't have a better friend and I seriously couldn't have gotten through this without the two of them.

I am incredibly grateful to our NHS. I think we are lucky in this area, but they have been superb. They have acted swiftly (it has seemed low to me at times but I know in reality it isn't it just feels that way when waiting for results) and every single person I have encountered (with the exception of the anaesthetist in Poole) has not only been very knowledgable, very informative, reassuring, efficient and diligent, but have also been kind, compassionate, have made me laugh and they have made a horrible process so much more bearable. From the wonderful reception staff, the admin team, the admissions staff, the doctors, surgeons (I had 3 of those!) the nurses, the consultants, the radiographers, the whole damn lot of them. All of them wonderful, all of them heroes. It must be not only a hard job physically but a hard job mentally to be dealing with people with nasty cancer, people who are afraid and confussed by it all. And I know it's not really 'free' as I have paid in all of my life, but it is free at the point of need. My treatment must have cost thousands. I am truly truly grateful to each and every one of them.

And I am also grateful to all of the people who have followed this journey on my blog, on facebook, have messaged me, have shared their strories with me, have prayed for me, sent me virtual hugs. I have spoken out about this journey right from the outset because it's the way I am. I know a lot of people like to keep it private but I wanted to shout from the rooftops what was happening because ...




We are incredibly lucky in this country to have routine screening for so many things. Mammograms, smears, aortic aneurisms, fecal tests etc. All not nice but WOW we are lucky and please please go for yours. Book those appointments, have your boobs squeezed and your bits prodded, send off your poo because it could all save your life. My cancer started life as microscopic ductal carcinoma in situ. It then developed the ability to mutate and become invasive. These cells were not a tumour. They couldn't have been felt even by a doctor. They couldn't be seen even when they were operating inside me. But they had the ability to travel around my body and set up home wherever they chose. They only found them because of a routine mammogram.

OK preaching over.

Finally, I am so pleased my faith saw me through. At the darkest lowest times I was able to hand my worries over. To know it was all in God's hands and that he was shielding me through the worst of it. In the words of Footsteps, if I had looked at the sand behind me over the last 6 months there would most definitely only have been one set of prints as the Lord carried me through my troubles.

Now, I just have to get through the next few weeks when I am told the soreness, burning, aching and tiredness is likely to get worse and then I am moving on. Thank you - everyone.


Now onto happier things

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