Days out an anniversaries

The sun came out this week - and so did we. It has been wet and miserable so much that to be out in the sun was wonderful. And this week we had our 38th wedding anniversary to share too.

First a scrapbook page of the wet I think! Not my most flattering photo by far


Wet wet wet insta


Some photos from our historic day at Portsmouth ... Portsmouth Cathedral





The round tower






A sculpture dedicated to the men women and children who bravely left their homes to go and live in 'The New World'


A channel ferry coming in


The old church whose roof was blown off in the war






and some recent scrapbook pages  from our day out on Monday last


Loveable insta


Loveable insta


Loveable insta


Loveable insta


and a page made for a Pickleberrypop challenge (you can get the kit for free simply by doing the challenge


Everyday insta


and finally another animal painting (see I HAVE been busy)


Red squirrel insta

Today I am thankful for

  • all creative pursuits
  • days out
  • a bit of sunshine (first picnic lunch outdoors today)



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