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So tomorrow is D day - or should I say O for operation day. I am very very nervous; nervous about the anaesthetic, nervous about how much they will take, nervous about is they will get all of the cancer and nervous about how I will cope with an 8 hour wait. I have to be in at 7.15 and Nigel cannot come in with me and my op is late afternoon. I gather I will be sitting in a chair in the day surgery unit for all of that time which will drive me absolutely bonkers. I am hoping they will let me go for a walk, although I do have a little diversion at 10.30 when I go to the breast unit to have another mammogram and have the wire inserted pre-surgery. I gather that hurts!


My sad little bag with a book, slippers, dressing gown, paperwork, my post surgery bra (now my my that is a sexy old item!) and the only blouse I own as I have to have something that buttons up the front.

Prayers welcome for tomorrow readers. I will see you all the other side, god willing.

So on to happier things - I have a mess of stuff to share.

I have been doing my December daily journal as always - its a bit of a different affair this year, not least because we have been isolating in readiness and so haven't been anywhere much or done much


Journal day 5


Journal day 5


Journal day 5


Journal day 5


Journal day 5

Journal day 6


Journal day 6


Journal day 6

Both of the days use a scrap squad lift for the day.

I also have a little bit of painting to share - something very quick and simple but great fun


De Winton bears

and a digital page too


A Captured snowflake collection by Dutch Dream Designs



Captured snowflake


Please, if prayer is what you do, pray all goes smoothly tomorrow and if prayer isn't your thing, cyber hugs are very very welcome.


Today I am thankful for

  • our NHS
  • the support of so many many friends - I feel so blessed
  • my faith - it is what has kept us going the past few weeks



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