Happy New Year

I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope 2023 is kind to us all and that the good times outweigh the bad, the laughter outweighs the tears and that we are all able to find joy in every single day.

I have been keeping my blog for 15 years now and I used to post every day. I know I now only manage every two or three days (I really don't often have much to share or say) but for all of those 15 years I have ended my ramblings with gratitude. Because there really is something to be thankful for every single day - not least the fact you are there having that day, a pleasure denied to so many. Some days it is harder to find the things to be thankful for, some days there are any many things. But I promise they are always there.

I am looking forward to 2023. I have no idea what it will bring and what we will need to face over the year, but I know my faith will sustain me and I have great hopes. I have my results appointment on Wednesday where I will find out what my immediate future will be like. I will find out if they managed to get clear margins and if any of the cells had become invasive. I will find out if I have to have further surgery or can proceed straight to radiotherapy. It's funny isn't it? Two months ago I would have been horrified about the very thought of ever needing radiotherapy and now I am looking forward to that being the next step rather than still a way down the road. However, I know that whatever the surgeon says on Wednesday, we will deal with it. We have shed very few tears over this, we have both been quite stoic and brave, and I think that stands us in good stead.


I have a page to share that was completed a couple of days ago and is from the heart. It is my page for my Flair Hut design team using the flair the whole team are working with. I went with the theme of HOPE


Hope 2023 DT


The photo in the O is of a rainbow during a storm taken from our lounge window. The sky was dark and the autumn trees were like flames. It seemed to symbolise hope.


Hope 2023 DT


Hope 2023 DT


Hope 2023 DT


I wrote a poem for the flap which then lifts up for journalling

Hope 2023 DT


Hope 2023 DT


I haven't shared the last few pages of my Christmas journal which is now complete - and I have even done a video walk through on my You Tube channel.


Journal day 29


Journal day 29


Journal day 29


Having done a December journal for 15 years it was the hardest I have done by far and I am amazed I finished it by the end of 2022.


I have started a new art project with my best friend too and we are painting a picture each day in a sketch book - we have a list we have made up to work from and some are challenging.


This is my cover page and Day 1 was holly and day 2 was a polar bear!  It's an A5 sketch book. I've decided to add text to each page too ... not sure that wasn't a mistake to be honest


Jan cover


Jan cover


Jan cover


Today I am thankful for

  • my faith
  • hope in the future
  • Nigel who gives me courage daily
  • art - it is real therapy



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