Worn out and anniversaries

I have been too tired to blog to be honest.

I am struggling at the moment with the anniversaries of things. Thursday - the 16th - is the anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer and that seems to make it all so much more real again. I have been battling with lymphoedema and a lot of breast pain and I am worried about the impending mammogram which is soon - the one year anniversary of surgery. I think the fear never goes away. They got rid of the cancer (hopefully for good but none of us have that as a given) but the damage to your mental health never seems to go.

Sorry for the depressed start. I do always say this is my honest brain dump and maybe if we all spoe out about our worries it would help.


I was exhausted after a craft fair on Sunday. It was a busy fair and after not having done fairs last year due to cancer it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. I have said that once my stock has gone, that is me over and done for craft fairs. I have been doing them for about 11 years and let's face it, noone who does craft fairs is going to break even let alone make money, well not unless you are selling hugely expensive things. I have to sell a lot of £3 bookmarks and £4 plaques! However, it enabled me to justify making things which is the bit I enjoy and the stock is gradually going down. For the first time ever I took paintings with me. Nigel had made me a back board for a big craft fair I have in December and so I took that for the first (and to be honest I think ONLY) time. I did sell two paintings but they were ones not on display on the board just in a display stand Nigel made (he really is very handy) I'm far more at ease just having my usual table of stuff.






I was really exhausted at the end of the day and we had a very quiet day yesterday. I did scrap though with pictures I took at lunchtime


The lick of love


I couldn't resist the title


The-lick-f-love 1


The-lick-f-love 1


Today I am thankful for

  • rest
  • prayer and faith
  • my three boys - one skin and two fur!

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