So very very special

Yesterday was one of my favourite days in a long long time.

Apart from seeing Ant and Elly in July and seeing everyone each week throughout lockdown via our family Friday quiz nights, I had not seen these wonderful people since 2019.

They are not my family but are so my family! Hard to explain. Pauline is my other Mom. She has been a constant in my life since I was 4. She has always been my other Mom, even when I had my own Mom (who she adored too) and I cannot begin to explain how special she is to me.

Her daughter, Sam, is my goddaughter and she is the daughter we never had, the sister I dreamed of. She is beyond special to both of us, as is her husband Chris, her two daughters and her brothers and wives and sister. Sam even lived with us for a short while and we were so thrilled.

So to see them yesterday as we all descended on Bossy Nanny's was wonderful. We had such fun. Great food was eaten, drink was taken in the Gin Shed, the six dogs were wonderful (6 of them were less trouble than my two boys) and the boys were safely looked after by my best friend. It was a day to feel truly truly blessed.


and today I am thankful for ALL OF THEM




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