Lights camera action

Our lights are up outside the house - not switched on of course - and we will soon be ready to decorate the house. We don't do as much these days. Frankly I can't stand the clutter and we can't have a tree anyway as it is way way too stressful with the boyz. It is largely little things we put out these days. So Barb, we are not sorted yet!

I got Nigel to take photos of my latest project today. I have seen the crocheted hexi cardigan everywhere - even a photo of the gorgeous Jason Mamoa wearing one. I really wanted to try one and saw a photo of a neon bright rainbow hexi and just liked it. I wasn't sure it was for me but Nigel egged me on and we picked the bright bright colours together.

It was very simple to make and is the first wearable garment I have made for myself. I did have to alter the pattern quite a lot though as I didn't like the full baggy sleeves of the original. The next one I make - yes the wool is about to be delivered already - is far more subtle in tones of blue.


So here it is - at least people will see me coming!


Hexi Cardigan


and this is the small picture I did in my sketch book at art yesterday


Shut the gate


And finally a little more scrapping for my taught class in the summer for ATDML


Lovely atdml insta


Lovely atdml insta


Lovely atdml insta


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  • a productive day
  • a completed project


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