A new medium

Today I have been playing with a new medium. I dabbled in pastels for an eye study a few months ago but thought I'd give it a proper try with a cat portrait today.


Be gentle - it's my first ever pastel pencil picture and it is full of errors and I am not sure I like the medium - it's very messy and I can't seem to get the fine details as you cant press hard enough and sharpen them to a good point, but I will persevere - not least because I have bought the wretched things. I also used a cheaper paper which I know was a mistake.



First pastel cat insta

First pastel cat insta


I also did a bit of scrapping (busy day!) and made this for a scrap squad sketch and for a challenge at the A Trip Down memory Lane cybercrop.

Scrapper friends do check out the cyber crop on the facebook group HERE      

It is a themed crop butt here are so many gorgeous classes ... and yes I am Mrs Peacock

May be an illustration of 5 people and text that says "Doctor Black Who did it? Where? And with what? Join us for classes, challenges and plenty of scrapping inspiration all weekend long! CLUEDO CYBERCR With A Trip Down Memory Lane Colonel Mustard Miss Scarlet Mrs White July 28th Mrs Peacock 30th Professor Plum Reverend Green"




This was my challenge page


Old-wardour-photography insta


Old-wardour-photography insta


Old-wardour-photography insta


Old-wardour-photography insta


I have also designed two classes for the weekend, each with three pages and you can do them with your own papers, you don't have to have the kits. All the classes are available free of charge by going to the ATDML blog and following the links ATDML BLOG


This is one of my class pages for the first class I taught - Mrs Peacock at the Beach with the Anchor.


Catch a wave insta


Catch a wave insta


Catch a wave insta



Do go check it all out - it's free and it's fun

Barb thank you my friend for all of your lovely comments xx


Today I am thankful for

  • a fun day
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