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October 14, 2021



We have been to the Southampton mall Apple Store and found we got the same service as you did we were after a new desk top computer so not a small sale and really we felt we shouldn’t have bothered the sales man. In the end we walked out in disgust found a local man who put on more storage memory and something else and saved ourselves a lot of money. The sales people’s attitude in there is appalling

We visited Poole Park the other week and had lunch thoroughly enjoyed our visit my husband often asks has the blog lady been anywhere interesting that we could try

Jackey Barwick

Forgot to say we also visit the chocolate shop lovely staff in there and chocolate very tasty


I would certainly miss reading your posts . I don’t always make a comment but I do read your blog ,and love to see all the great the photos,and hear about the cats.not to mention the many scrapbook pages and digital pages you make.I don’t go on Facebook,I did register,but don’t use it


I hope you continue to publish your blog. I enjoy reading about what you and all three of your boys have been doing. You have been a little oasis during these past crazy months.

Carole Smith

Please don't give up writing your blog I have been following you for years and only comment rarely but being local it's great to see where you go etc and quite often you visit somewhere and I could literally have "just missed you". I keep hoping I might bump into you sometime. I would love to be able to digital scrapbook so I find it interesting to see what you do as I paper scrapbook although not nearly as often as I should.


Please keep publishing! I don’t know how I would go to sleep without my does of Dolly and the boys! And I often steal your scrap pages! I bet I have been reading your blog almost from the first, you all feel like old friends. Next time you are in Fliorida come stay in our guest cottage and we will show you around FLorida “ before the Mouse” as the locals say!


Selfishly, I do hope you keep your blog going. I have been reading it for years and always enjoy the beautiful photos of all the wonderful places you visit. I also enjoy the adventures of your kitties. Perhaps most of all, I enjoy seeing your scrapping. It’s always inspiring.
I know it must take some time to write and illustrate your blog. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy it. I’m always telling my husband what Scrapdolly is doing now. Do what is right for you and Nigel. But please know you would be missed. Blessings, Kim

Mike Smith

I would miss keeping up with the Leahy's! I don't use social media for several reasons so this is a great way to stay in touch without the accompanying risks of social media breaches, etc. While I don't often comment, I do visit your website once or twice a week. The photos and tidbits are lovely and it keeps me connected with dear friends I rarely get to see being all the way "across the pond". Especially now that the pandemic has changed the world, other means of communication are important for the human soul. One vote here to keep the site going for all to enjoy!!

Lesley Anthony

I always read your blog too. Please don’t stop.
I can recommend the Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat. It makes the best hot chocolate ever.

wendy Hayton

I always read your blogs :). Love your adventures and seeing your scrap pages all in one place

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