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May 21, 2021


Barb in AK

You and Nigel do take such lovely walks in so many various places. Do you walk by the mile or by the time? Such as: 3-miles a day OR 30-minutes a day?
Do you eat those pizzas in one sitting or do you take some of it home for a meal later on? I really cannot eat an entire pizza in one sitting, but love to have some to munch on the next day. Nothing like retirement and not having to plan a meal or two because of leftovers. :-D
Our temperatures have dropped a bit (we are in the 60s right now, and that seems chilly to me). Unfortunately, we have to run the a/c a bit because it is so humid. We have to take some of that moisture out of the air, or everything in our home would start growing mold. :-O
A lovely little painting of the cottage. Looks nearly fairy-tale and so very, very intricate. You have outstanding patience!


Lovely painting,I like looking at a painting that has plenty of detail in it. Even although it takes longer to paint!
Our weather here has been really cold, and very windy
With lots of heavy showers!

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