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May 19, 2021



Thanks Karen, I haven’t used professional paints yet, only Windsor and Newton Colman,a small set.and daler rowney.
The first painting I done was a Frank Clarke, a Irish cottage ,I really enjoyed doing that .then I done a Charles Evans painting of a village house in suffolk
The last one I done was Paul Clark’s Scottish fishing scene,I painted the fishing net in a dark gray and made it ,to look more like netting.I enjoyed painting each one.
I tried doing one from a holiday photo,turned out better than I thought it would.so I will try some others,but must get some new paints

Barb in AK

Those are lovely kits and layouts, Karen.
I love the idea about laundry out in the sunshine. My mom used to do that when I was a little girl. Then I would act out stories and make up songs between the hanging sheets. That area was my "stage." My mom told me once that she could always find me anywhere on the farm, because I would either be talking or singing. All she had to do was listen for my voice. :-D :-D :-D

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