Good News

I am hesitant to write this because we are not completely out of the woods yet but we can see the light now.

Indy and Koda had blood test number 3 yesterday and the results were good. There were a couple of things a little lower than perfect but wow - I was dreading they would be showing symptoms in their blood of low neutrophils etc but they were fine. The vet, who again said they were lovely and really special Bengals, said they were the bloods of healthy cats.

No one knows yet how long is truly safe but he feels that after 7 weeks it is looking good and I can stop panicking.

I feel I will still have one final test in a month but I am so relieved. I also feel a bit of survivor guilt as there are so many people lost their beloved fur babies to pancytopenia. Thank you all of you who have sent messages of support and comfort whilst we have been so worried



Pictures of my boys this afternoon - yup on top of cupboards as usual


IMG_9280 copy


IMG_9280 copy


IMG_9280 copy


We put up my art exhibition pieces today. I am so proud to have 14 pictures in the gallery - plus my usual plaques etc - and they look lovely hung.


IMG_9251 copy


IMG_9251 copy


I have a few pages to share today as well



The photo of us was taken yesterday and was scrapped yesterday - even I was impressed by that!


Side by side copy


Side by side copy


Side by side copy


Side by side copy




This is one of the favourite pages I have made in quite a while - just love it




and two digital pages from the Pickleberrypop Boomerang Sale.

This is Holiday Pictures kit by Lara's Digi World




and this amazing bundle is a third of the usual price and only under $12 so it is amazing  Phi Phi Island also by Lara's Digi World







Today I am thankful for

  • The cats being OK and the support I have had from so many people
  • the chance to exhibit my work (I am NOT expecting to sell any)



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