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September 29, 2020



So so sad! The tears are still filling my eyes as I write this.i know how Very hard it is To finally let your much loved pet go.but we all know the time has to come when we must let them go. To ease their pain no matter how much it hurts us to do that.and be so glad that we shared their life and enjoyed the Happy years we had with them,never to be forgotten X


Just looked through all the Beautiful pages you have made of your gorgeous boy,


I am so very sorry for your loss. Since I have followed your blog for years I feel as though I knew your little boy. What a blessing you all were to each other. He had such an exceptional life. May your memories give you smiles.

Jackey Barwick

So sorry to read your news he was such a beautiful cat so beautifully marked and such fun to read about him in your scrapping. I think animal lovers always say why didn’t god make animals so they lived as long as humans. The Pooh reading of being in your heart for ever we had the clergy read to our 12 year old grand daughter at our daughters, her mother’s, funeral. Such a lovely Pooh saying. I think Marwell have lost a tiger over the last few days
Hope you both and your lone kitty cope over the next few days and in time able to smile and laugh at his antics

Mike Smith

What a lovely tribute, Karen!! I'm very sorry to hear about Fiki. I know how precious your kitties are to you and Nij. I hope you find peace knowing it was the best choice under the circumstances. Losing a pet can be very painful as sometimes you can grow more attached to them than humans. Perhaps you will find a mate for Kira. Keep the memories alive and cherish them always. Love and hugs from the U.S.
Your friend,

Jaci S

It’s taken me two days to read your news due to the tears. Fur babies are so very precious to us. He will be playing in heaven and up to his naughtiness whilst watching over you. Xx

Lesley Anthony

I’ve just read this and am in tears. I’m so very sorry. It’s so hard losing part of your family.
I’m away to give my two an extra cuddle.

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