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June 21, 2020


Barb in AK

What an awesome post today! I must say that Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, have their rivalry as well--although, maybe not so light-hearted. The folks in Fairbanks (my previous home) feel that those living in Anchorage are trying to pretend they are living in a city in the contiguous states, and don't really want to be "Alaskan"--as though it is an embarrassment. Fairbanksans consider themselves true Alaskans--not trying to put on phony airs and having an understanding about the isolation/conditions of Alaska which often lead citizens to help each other through tough times. There is a deep respect for the land and people coming from that community.

I love your "scrappy" layout. It is fabulous, and I must scraplift it soon. Steve and I haven't done a photo together since New Year's Eve! This would be a perfect chance to use your idea.

Wonderful photos of you and your daddy. You can tell he was totally enamored with his little girl. I am sure it was very tough for him to give you away on your wedding day. But he knew you were going to a great man who would love and care for you so very much. <3

Oh, I laughed out loud seeing Nigel in a trash bag. He looks like he's wrapped up as tight as a mummy. :-D :-D :-D The haircut turned out very smart, and I am glad he had a chance to wear the hockey team's shirt. Lookin' good, Nigel!!

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