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June 25, 2020


Mary Drysdale

I totally agree,Yes it is utter madness! Those people packed on the beaches,and parking anywhere they feel like! And the litter they leave behind. At the beginning of the lockdown people were more considerate of others,but not now,in fact they feel they have a right to do just whatever they feel like.lots of people have changed and not for the better it would seem.
After I had been looking at your posts yesterday and thinking what a beautiful area you have at your doorstep.now being ruined by those ?. I don’t even know what name fits to describe them!


Unbelievable and disgraceful. It appears some people are turning feral. I really worry for our country 😒

Barb in AK

I've decided the whole world is going to h.e.l.l. No one seems to be civilized anymore. I say with the greatest of empathy, I thought it was just my country! I thought it all started in the USA 3 years ago with the man who was put in charge of our government. Could his behavior have been considered acceptable all over the world? It sickens me that so many people lack compassion for others (you know, walk a mile in my shoes?) Where is the kindness? The thoughfulness? I don't know if we can ever get ourselves back to where we should be, Karen. All I can do is cry and pray. I definitely have days that I feel hopeless.
The photos you put on your blog today are so frightening, and I know this type of recklessness is happening all over God's earth. :'-(

Lesley Anthony

How can people be so stupid? How can they even enjoy sitting in all those crowds?
We haven’t had such a problem up here as we still have a five mile limit on travel and most of the beaches are still closed but I’m dreading when it is lifted next month.

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