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April 24, 2020


Barb in AK

I do know what you mean about the grocery regimen. Oh, for the days when Steve and I would stroll down the aisles at the grocery store, joking and laughing, and totally enjoy being together (even at that place).
Once, we were standing in an aisle laughing about something one or the other of us said, and a lady stopped her cart near us to say, "You two sure look like you are having fun grocery shopping!" I will admit, it's always been a weekly pain in the neck, but now it's just a nightmare I had never imagined. Only one of us can go in the store, no strolling--it's: get it and get out, and nearly everything you need right now is "not available." There is no fun to it anymore, even if Steve could go in with me. Then once home, it's time to disinfect not only the products but the car handles, the car keys, the lightswiches, knobs and pulls and handles, etc. So totally exhausting. Change of clothes, then drop into bed for a rest from the stressful sequence.
We have our groceries delivered these days, but it is even more disheartening, as we expect around 60 items to arrive, and we end up getting maybe 20 at the most. It's tough getting used to this "new normal." We keep our masks and gloves on as the delivery person sets the bags inside our garage door, and as we wipe down everything possible from those bags. So wearing, and I am not getting any younger. Our stamina seems to be ebbing away at times!
Enough of that "pity party."

Thank you for sharing your lovely layouts, and for allowing us to see the awesome puzzle you all have completed. The largest jigsaw I have ever accomplished is a 500 piece. Steve doesn't have the patience for them. It's a nice quiet-time activity for me. I can only work on them a small portion of an hour, as it hurts my back to stand over the table for too long. Stay well! <3

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