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April 17, 2020



You made a good job of nigels haircut! I cut my husbands hair for the first time using a babyliss hair clipper for men.it is brilliant it cut just as good as the haircut he gets at the barber! it has a selection of attachments with the different numbers on each one.

Lesley Anthony

Happy Birthday fur babies. 😻
How long do you quarantine your stuff for? Ours is the garage but every time I read something it seems to say different amounts of time.

Barb in AK

You two ARE very organized. Reminds me of the trunk (I think you all call it a boot) of Snowflake when you were following Rt. 66. LOL!!
Steve and I wipe everything down that comes from the grocery store, amazon, or post office. Then if it's not going to melt or spoil, we leave it on the top of the cars until the next day. That wiping everything down is stressful!
Loved the stories about the origins of sayings we have heard or used.
Great haircut for Nigel. I gave up trying to cut Steve's hair years and years ago! :-D

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