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March 10, 2020


Barb in AK

I really hope you don't have to go through pain for an extended period of time. That is just not fair!
Steve and I have done some "hoarding" from our grocery store stops. Although this is only the second week of March, we have gone through our monthly allotment of grocery money. Hopefully, we have enough supply to get us through the next few weeks if necessary. I decided to worship by television broadcast this past Sunday. Steve had a dermatology check-up today, and wore a mask. Seems like nobody else is taking precautions around us.
Our son really encouraged us early last week to stay home as much as possible, stock up, and stay alert to our health. He really wanted us to stay out of Mayo Clinic, but Steve has about 14 appointments from now until the end of April. They are annual checks, and he really needs to get them done.
Regan has been tracking this virus since it got bad in China, so he pretty much knows the pace of the outbreak and what needs to be done. He self-quarantined starting this week, as he has a
compromised immune system. Leanne (our daughter-in-law) works for the public library, so we worry quite a bit about her health and exposure.
I am so glad I have the retired scrapbookers' lifestyle, so I can keep busy and not worry about being out and about. This is why we have spent YEARS stockpiling scrapping supplies! LOL!! :-D

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