One year on

What a year it has been and how important was it we all reflected yesterday not hat year, on the losses so many have suffered and on the wonderful staff who have kept this country going through it all. I want to add my tribute to the politicians who were on a hiding to nothing to be honest, who faced an unprecedented challenge, made mistakes along the way, but tried their hardest. To the medical experts who guided the government throughout with their scientific knowledge independent of any political agenda, To the wonderful staff int he NHS from he doctors and nurses, the the technologists, the admin staff, the paramedics, the cleaners and all of the thousands who had left the NHS and returned to help out, putting themselves back on the front line. To the teachers who carried on educating our children either in school or at home, to the delivery drivers who made sure we had what we needed, the the supermarket staff  who ensured we were fed and the supply chain who kept them stocked, to the refuse collectors  who kept our streets clear and to all of the other workers who carried not through the pandemic, working from home to keep things running.

So many people to thank for trying to see us through these awful times when not only have people lost loved ones, but they have lost livelihoods, homes, freedoms. And we are not out of this by any means. We now need to find a way to live with COVID though I fear some aspects of life will never be the same again. We lost so much but I feel we also gained much. We gained back a sense of slowing down, of appreciating the simple things, of connecting with people in different ways, of being aware of our neighbours, of community, of selflessness. And Ihope those things remain in our new world.

It truly is a time for deep reflection.


I made this yesterday




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Today I have so much to be thankful for - not least because Nigel and I are still here.




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