My goodness it was wet

We decided to go out this morning - not the best of ideas really as it was torrential raina nd everywhere was flooded. Not as badly as some parts of the country but the roads were just not coping with the amount of water pouring down. And realistically we came back not only wetter but also confused. We had gone to look at fireplaces. We have a gas fire we enever ever use - real fire effect with real flames. Because it is an open chimnet we have to have a fireguard round it and we hate the fire, we hate the fireguard and we hate the open chimney. So we THOUGHT we'd like to block up the chimney and then have a flame effect electric fire just for the light not for heating. Well it turned out not to be the case because we saw some very modern gorgeous glass fires which we loved and were of course 10 times the price and didn't really fit and would need a lot of work and so we are now in a quandry. Should be shouldn't we. 


So we did our usual thing and said 'let's think about that another day - any day but not today!'

I have not been paper scrapping other than design team things I cannot share just yet and digital things I can't share until Wednesday apart from this one challenge page







But this is a page I made a while ago for a class I was teaching at A Trip Down Memory Lane


Joyful insta



Joyful 3


Joyful 3


Today I am thankful that we are back home warm and dry.


I leave you with these amazing paintings on hands today


















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