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November 20, 2019


Barb in AK

What a hoot seeing you and Nigel in the lumberjack hats! LOL!!
I remember seeing the movie "Fargo"--long ago. About the only thing that stayed in my head about it was the ending. Ewww.
Steve and I listened to "A Prairie Home Companion" when we were living in Fairbanks, and then we kind of lost track of it when we moved down to Rochester (13 years ago). One Saturday, Steve ran across it when he was perusing the PBS station in the evening. We didn't listen to it very faithfully down here. Then the live show came to Rochester, as Keillor was doing a tour around the state before he retired. It was very interesting to see the process of getting a live radio show on the air. Before the actual show started, Keillor led the audience in a sing-along of patriotic songs. Although this was a radio show, a stage was set up with scenery, props, and lighting. The audience was allowed to take as many photos as they desired throughout the program. Then when the show was over, Keillor hung around and talked to anyone from the audience who wanted to speak to him, get an autograph, or picture with him.
I'm so sorry you had an uncomfortable ride through South Dakota. I think it is a very interesting state. Glad you made it to the hotel. Being ill when traveling is the absolute worst.

Barb in AK

Oh, I meant to ask you what the sign about being the "Best for Last of the 50 States" was all about? That might lead unaware visitors to believe that North Dakota was the fiftieth state. Just wondering what they were really claiming at the visitors' center.

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