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November 26, 2019


Barb in AK

I'm just now getting around to reading more of your trip from last autumn. I'm feeling as though things have settled down a bit around here since the holidays in 2019. These little lulls never last though. March is on its way, and I see our calendar is loaded with at least one medical appointment for either Steve or me each week, two virtual crops I will be participating in, and Steve's birthday! The return of daylight savings time is coming up on March 8. Ugh! How I hate the change of the clocks. It just messes up my body clock, and takes me forever to get over it.
The photos you took of buildings in Albuquerque are awesome. I am so glad you and Nigel got to go to a Sonic drive-in. I have never lived in a town that had a Sonic, but when Steve and I drive to Missouri or Colorado, we stop at one whenever we need lunch or a snack. :-)
I had never heard of the Hotel El Rancho, but it looks absolutely awesome! I do love the modern "rustic" look. Too bad an employee couldn't have given you a tiny peek inside one of the guest rooms--just for fun. :-)
How fabulous that you got to meet one of your Pickleberry Pop friends in real life! I must say there are benefits like this to the high tech world. :-)

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