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November 19, 2019


Barb in AK

There used to be the most amazing scrapbook store at the MoA called Archivers. It had EV.ER.Y.THING!!! EVERYTHING! Everything you would ever need or want for a scrapper. Every brand, every color, every theme, every type, every style, every designer was sold there. Steve and I would go up to the Mall once a year just so we could eat in one of the restaurants and then I could shop my heart out at Archivers.
Then suddenly, in 2014, they closed all their doors across the country. :'-( Thus, I have only been to the Mall three times since then-- once to see the Princess Diana exhibition, once to show our son and his wife the Mall, and once for a "girls' weekend" with my mom and two sisters to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition. My younger sister was intent on finding the home plate plaque and the red stadium seat on the wall to indicate Harmon Killebrew's longest home run in the Metropolitan Stadium which once stood where the MoA is today.
I don't believe the Mall has the draw it did years ago.
I remember one of the orchestra teachers up in Fairbanks told me all about her adventure seeing the Mall of American in 2002 when she attended a National Honors Youth Orchestra festival with her daughter. I think the Mall was in its height of popularity at that time and quite a tourists' attraction.
Have fun with those crayons! Did Nigel buy enough Legos so he could build a motorcycle?? ;-)

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