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June 08, 2019


Barb inAK

What an amazing story about your new jewelry. May you wear it in good health and long life!

I must tell you a very nice story about Pickleberry Pop. Back in early May, I purchased three items. I got the codes for the downloads, but my computer could not open them. I corresponded with PBP, and Fayette asked me to try a different browser to see if the items would download. I tried two other browsers and they would not download my May order, either.
I figured I was just out the money that I had spent, and didn't want to be a bother to them.
This past weekend, I received an email from Sheri at Jumpstart Designs. She was following up on my order as "...Faye was out of town..." She sent the downloads via DropBox.
I had never used DropBox before, and I was still having no luck with the downloads. Sheri wasn't going to let it go. She tried some other methods, and voilà! They downloaded!!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to have my order. PBP has excellent service, and the people there bend over backwards to help computer illiterate customers such as I. They are MAGIC!! :-)
I am so glad you introduced this digital site to me so many years ago. Thank you!

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