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March 30, 2019



So glad that the pain in your knee is finally easing,when you hadn’t posted for 4 days,I was thinking that you were having further problems with it.
Lovely box you decorated,very pretty! Glad both you and Nigel got to enjoy the evening out together.

I also suffer with pain in my knee,it can be fine for days,if I’m careful! But it never really goes away! At the moment it’s my back I’m having pain with,the top of my spine is now curved.so I’m having to exercise in the hope that it will prevent it getting any worse. All those years of crafting ,and stooping over using the computer!

Barb inAK

Hooray for the butterfly needle! Has it ever been used on you before?
At the clinic where I go, they have started using butterfly needles on everyone for blood draws. I think the needles for inoculations have even slendered down. Now, if they could only do something about the needles they stick in your arms for intravenous treatments!! That would be helpful.
I'm glad to hear your knee is doing better---don't over do.
A very pretty box with interesting elements. Did you have an example to look at, or did you just "see" it in your head and go for it?

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