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February 21, 2019



Hi Karen,great mini book,I love making them.i have got lots of them with the pull outs and waterfalls.i haven’t made any for a while now.but I’m planning on doing more soon. The only ting is all the mess it makes,and having lots of bits and pieces of card and paper left,that I keep for using again.
Sorry that you are suffering from headaches,it might be all the paint fumes!
Take care

Barb inAK

It amazes me that you finished that in ONE day!
That is something which would take me MONTHS to do--especially if I were making the flowers, too! WOW!
Sorry to hear about your persistent headache. I'm of the ilk that believes barometric pressure has everything to do with achy heads and stuffy sinuses. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Shahd Haj Khalil


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Shahd Khalil

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