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January 11, 2019



I love your honesty and your reflection. I hope you find a compromise that works with the clothes

Barb inAK

I am so sorry about the closet rod incident. Definitely not what you needed after a miserable morning of freezing! I agree that men "don't get it" when it comes to our clothing. My closet is packed to the gills, and I even have some of my things hanging in the guest bedroom closet!!
Now when it comes to Steve, he has two pair of pants that he likes, two pair of shorts (that are for summer), and around 10 tee shirts. He just wears the same ol', same ol' all the time. I try to buy him different pants, shorts and shirts, but he puts them to the far ends of his closet, and pulls out the clothes that I always see him in! He wears those clothes whether we go out to eat, go to Church, go to the store, go to appointments, or go on vacation. To dress up this attire, he may chose a flannel shirt (heavier for winter, lightweight for summer) to wear over the tee-shirt. LOL!! So yes, men don't get it ;-)
May Sunday bring you a brighter day. {{{Hugs}}}

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