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October 07, 2018



Hi Karen,
I am sorry to learn about Nigel's mum falling and fracturing her hip but glad to hear that today is a much better day. My thoughts and prayers are with your family for her speedy recovery.
Hugs to you both from the U.S.

Barb inAK

I am so sorry about the loss of your ring. Rings are about the only jewelry I wear, so they are precious to me, too. God bless Nigel for his wise and comforting words. Humans do tend to hang a lot onto their material possessions. Always because heartstrings are so intertwined with them. I hope you will find peace over the situation.

What a relief to hear that Elfin (I love that name) is doing better. It's a long road to recovery. My sis broke her hip and saw what she went through. A lot of the healing has to do with attitude, you know.
And how are your ribs doing? Much better, I hope.

I am truly enjoying your childhood photos. The paisley embellishments and background on your layout today really say: "the Sixties!" So cool :-)

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