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March 01, 2018


Barb inAK

What a difference a day makes! Tonight, Steve was showing me a video on the 'net from Great Britain about a bus that barely missed hitting a small car, then had to swerve for a van on the other side of the road. Looked really scary! I am so glad you were safe during your drive.
Snow and ice are deceiving-- a beautiful sight, but oh, so treacherous.

What a fun Olaf! Way to go, Nigel!
Now that March has come in like a lion for you, be relieved to know, it will go out like a lamb :-D
We will be completely opposite here. Our day was beautiful, sunny, snow melting, warm enough for a light jacket. I hate to think of the end of March for me! LOL!

A beautiful Coco page--the mask is lovely. Did you color with pencils or markers? I haven't seen the movie, but it looks like it would be very cute. Maybe it will be on cable tv soon.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm.

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