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January 06, 2018


Barb inAK

Oh, my goodness, Karen! What a terrible experience. I think the thing that keeps me from going to Disney is the crowds. I usually don't get too nervous in crowds--but I've really never been in a packed area with unruly folks. My son has crowd anxiety. He doesn't even like going to shopping malls--too many people and too much activity going on at once.
Steve is just like YOU! He has to know the exits and he is constantly "scanning" for the way out, too. He tries to stay aware of folks that loiter around too close or seem to follow us. He is always ready for escape. So I completely understand your needs.

I agree with you about the drinking that goes on now at DisneyWorld. The place is supposed to be family oriented. I don't like the idea of people roaming and drinking around children. And the nasty exchanges and near-fighting is far from my idea of a Disney experience. It sounds as though you were more than likely at a hockey game!

I do commend you for being open to try new experiences and fulfilling your dreams of activities you have thought about for so long. I'm sorry your expectations were dashed. Thankfully, you have been to Disney often enough to know it's not always like that and there are better things to occupy your time. :-)

Thanks for being so truthful and open about how it all came down.

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