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December 19, 2017



I am so loving your holiday accounts. I could feel your pain today Karen. Having the two perspectives makes it even more enjoyable. And those sunrise photos are awesome. Would make a fab print on the wall imo

Barb inAK

Breath-taking photos of the St. Louis sunrise. So beautiful.
Quite a bit of Elvis's memorial has changed since I was there in the 90s.
When we toured the "mansion" (and back in the 50s, THAT was a mansion), we did not see any of the bedrooms---totally off limits. There is a new museum now, but I'm sure many of the displays are the same. There was a Hall of Gold when I was there--displaying all his gold albums. I had come indoors from being out in the bright sun. Not realizing it, I toured that whole section in my sunglasses. Steve asked me later if I had done that on purpose. No! I didn't even realize I had them on! LOL :-D
Did they have Elvis's jet on display, too? We got to see that. Gold sinks, a huge seatbelt strap across the king-sized bed on the plane--- I guess pretty much what Trump's jet looks like! Hahahaha!
The Civil Rights museum was not there when we visited those many years ago. Now that it is the 50th anniversary remembrance of the MLKjr assassination, I would like to go see it.

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