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December 17, 2017


Where is Dubai

Vavv. Thats Amazing. Thanks

Barb inAK

Love the post about Missouri (MO). Steve and I were born and raised in MO, but on the western side of the state--me, in a little farming community called Smithville, just north of Kansas City, and Steve in St. Joseph, the "home of the Pony Express." :-)

I love the photo of the Kentucky tobacco barn. It reminded me so much of my youth, as my family raised a 1/2-acre of tobacco in MO. We even went to Kentucky one spring as a family to buy tobacco plants. It took us 1.5 days to get to KY and we got home in 1 day--no stopping, eating in the car, mom and dad switching off on the driving. Daddy didn't want the plants to dry out and die on the way home. My little sister and I sat with our feet up in the back seat (no seat belts in those days), and the whole floor of the back seat filled with little 5" plants right up to the edge of the seat.
They made it safely, got planted in our field, and the seeds from the mature plants were harvested for the next year's crop. What an adventure!
Our tobacco crop earnings were used to pay off the farm and pay for my sister's and my college education back in those days. A lot of hard work, but the family who works together, stays together--and we learned a lot about responsibility and pride in our work.

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