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December 23, 2017


Barb inAK

Again, Nigel with his musical references. How I love that!
Sorry about the hustle in NO, but I am so surprised it hadn't
happened to you more often as you walk everywhere. You
are very brave tourists in my book. :-D
Sometime the more you just get out there with confidence,
the better you fare. Steve gets paranoid about even
turning our vehicle off at state rest stops when we travel!
I'd like to think I'm a more relaxed and unworried type of
traveler. LOL! But I don't know.

Steve worked for the New Orleans office of the U.S. Corps of Engineers when we lived there in 81-82. Once, he went down to the levees to take photos of ships anchored at the mouth of the Mississippi. He was viciously attacked by the local fire ants. They were up his legs and arms before he knew it and suffered multiple bites and stings. He had to go to the doctor and was quite sick for a few days. But he learned not to walk on the levees without rubber boots. I suppose you two were there in the winter, and by that time, the ants may have gone into hibernation?

If I remember correctly, the French Quarter usually fared well through many of the hurricanes they have had recently.

I think it is so wonderful you were able to fulfill a life-long dream to come to the city where your father had been. Karen, that must have been very emotional for you. Thank you (and Nigel) for sharing your very amazing holiday with us. <3

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