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April 26, 2017


Barb inAK

Karen, so sorry to hear about your knee!
I was having such pain in my knees and hips yesterday. I would have said it was something to do with the phases of the moon, but I don't think osteoarthritis is affected by that.
I was able to get rid of my pain after three doses of arthritis pain formula acetaminophen. I wish it could be that easy for you. Praying your pain is gone very soon.
I really like the photo you shared of the glasses all lined up. That one is one I keep coming back to look again. :-) It would be so nice to be able to take photos like that!
Take care of you.


Hope you are in less pain pain and feeling better soon.
.i also have a lot of pain in both my knees and hips,some days worse than others,and i would love to be more active but it just isn't easy nowadays! Even with the use of pain relief rub,tablets,and leg support.
I do some exercise that I had been given from the physio, to help strengthen the supporting muscles. But it is just something that comes to some of us as we age.

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