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March 20, 2017


Barb inAK

Hey, Karen, I got my hair cut today, too!! First day of spring, you know. :-)
I went to a school of cosmetology to get my hair done. A student does the hair cut and an instructor comes around and checks up on how they are doing throughout the process. It costs $11. I got a great cut for a great price.
It seems Steve and I don't actually go to the theater very often to watch movies. We like to checkout the dvds (there is a store just a block from our home that I can walk to and check out the movies) and watch at home, so I can stop the film when I need a bathroom break or snack. ;-)
I watched "Manchester By the Sea". I can understand why Casey Affleck got the Oscar. He really was outstanding. But I prefer movies which are historic or entertaining. Not sad and hopeless.
I also checked out "Hacksaw Ridge". What an inspiring story!! Really, really amazing. I know it only had a few nominations, but I just held my breath through the whole thing!
We did go to the theater to see "Hidden Figures". We really enjoyed it.
I would like to see "Florence Foster Jenkins" and "Jackie".
Happy Spring!! I'm so glad it's finally here :-D

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