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February 28, 2017


Barb inAK

Beautiful layout! So vibrant. :-)
The best time to see Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans is the weekend BEFORE the weekend (and Monday & Tuesday) of Mardi Gras. Of course, you won't see the "big" krews, but the party mood (without all the wildness) is still there, and you can get TONS of beads, cups, doubloons, and treats from the smaller krews. When we lived in Slidell (30 minutes from N.O.), we went to the city for a Sunday afternoon parade. There were several krews going through--we didn't know when one started and the other ended. It just went on and on and on! And, you don't have to be down on Bourbon Street. The parades start blocks and blocks away from that area. So just get to a street where the parade passes though and enjoy. My son was only 2.5 years at the time, so we didn't stay from beginning to end. It would have been too hard on him.
We still have loads of beads from the parade we went to (back in 1983) and we have linked them together into one long chain. We use that chain to wind throughout our Christmas tree each year. :-) Fun memories!

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