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January 20, 2017


Barb inAK

Had to laugh at your "I don't understand" statement. Of course, you have a two-party system and a Parliament (which is like our Congress), but it was a very hard year (2016) of listening to the politicians (particularly one) slamming and bashing the other candidates with most often lies and made-up innuendos. I'm so glad that is over. I truly believe Obama is one of the most gracious and intelligent men who has held office in a very long time. It just seemed as though everything was against him from the start. George Bush put the country into such a terrible recession (just a hair's breath away from another Great Depression) which Obama had to concentrate on when he first entered office. Then during his second term, with a Republican majority, every policy he tried to enact was defeated by them. The word got around to those Republican representatives and senators: "Even if we like his ideas, just vote "no"!" Obama never lost his dignity throughout such a devastating time.
We will just have to wait and see what will happen with Trump as our President. He made a lot of promises during the campaign which he has already "clarified" before he took the oath (which means he's backtracked on some of his statements). I read in the paper today that he has signed papers to pull some of the reforms made for the LGBT community. Also he has put a "slow-down" on some of the regulations for the Affordable Care Act. I'm very worried about people who will be affected by that and need the medical insurance.

All we can do is pray for our leaders and hope they do the right thing for all the people.

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