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September 09, 2016


Barb inAK

I LOVE THE BEACH BOYS! But I'd never heard that song. Too funny :-D I guess I told you before, I never go barefoot. Steve is a barefoot boy and I have tons of friends who don't wear their shoes unless absolutely necessary. Don't know how you all keep from stubbing your toes all the time? Or am I the only klutz? ;-)

I found, as I taught and the years went by, the heels on my shoes got lower and lower. LOL!! I used to wear 3" heels back in the day (which was considered REALLY high back then!!). When as I headed toward retirement, I was in no higher than 1.5"--and that was generally only on concert days :-D
Now that I'm retired, it's flats all the way. Skechers are my go-to shoes. Ahhhhhhhhh, memory foam! <3 <3

Hope your computer gets well quickly! :-)

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