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June 25, 2016



What an honour Karen. I too, had a tea party with th children and staff as it was all I I wanted when I chose to end my career. Try to enjoy the next days as a big part of your life closes-believe me, the best is yet to come. Like my own husband who supported me through 37 years of teaching and studying, I'll bet Nigel will be truly thankful when you walk out that door for the final time and become a free woman. It's nine years since I retired and I have loved every minute of it. Carpe diem!


It's a beautiful painting of you, and what a beautiful way to thank you for your service to the school and the children. I expect to see you in the Echo soon!

Barb inAK

Karen, no one deserves the accolades, the praise, and gifts as much as you. Your life has been dedicated to the MOST important thing in this world--the education of young minds, the making of our next leaders.
All the hours, the stress, the juggling, the planning, and mountains of paperwork will be behind you soon. All that will remain will be the sweet memories, and they will be many.

Now, it will be time to focus on you and Nigel and enjoying together the fruits of your labors :-)

Have a great weekend. I know you are still smiling from Friday.

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