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April 29, 2016


Barb in AK

Awww, Karen, I'm sending you {{{Hugs}}} long distance. I know exactly the feelings you are having. All the "lasts" are so bittersweet. Yes, there will be tears through your smiles.
That's a beautiful bouquet!! It's almost as tall as you! LOL! Your students are so thoughtful.
Is there any way you can hand off your phone or camera to your colleagues or even a student and let them take photos of you, when you are in front of a group or receiving some token of appreciation or with the class or on duty, etc?
I did that many times during my last year. The children are ever so glad to take photos :-D And sometimes their perspective is so much more interesting! When I was recognized at the end-of-the-year school board meeting, I handed my camera off to one of my fellow teachers. She snapped a few photos. They weren't award winners, but I was ever so glad to have them and be able to scrap a layout.

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