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February 02, 2016


Barb in AK

Up in Alaska, I worked with a teacher who had taught for 50 years. Our principal had long heart-to-heart talks with her starting a few months before school would be out for the summer. He finally convinced her that there was more to her life than teaching---although that was her life! She was a widow and her son lived in Washington state. Our principal was a very kind and caring administrator. He didn't just care about the students, but also his staff. It was as though we were all one big family. He was very gentle with this wonderful woman and she truly was an amazing teacher--a loss for the school district. She knew how to bring out the best in every single student. It was extremely hard for her to accept retirement and adjust in the fall when school started up--as she wasn't in the classroom. But after a few months of "freedom", she was happy and pursuing her second love, art and painting. She was able to travel and see many sights she had taught to her students.

You may feel the pangs a bit when the new school year begins, but your life will be so full with Nigel, your furbabies, traveling, scrapping, crafting, and all the other dreams you have. You will never look back with regret, but truly with the fondest of memories.

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