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January 29, 2016



I can say from personal experience that you will never regret this decision. I resigned my HT post in September 2006 and finished in June 2007 . We had to cut our lifestyle back considerably but I truly believed it saved my life. I too am married to a very good soulmate and I joked at my retirement tea that If I had been married to me, I would have divorced me long ago!
Enjoy the last part of your paid career-after thatevery day is an adventure doing what you please.

Ann Caldwell

Good for you, I'm sure you have made the right decision. As a teacher too, I find myself thinking of retirement more and more, I do have 8 years to go until I hit 60, but am not sure I can manage many more years of this relentless pace.
Goodness only knows how the NQTs of today will manage until they are 68. :(

Barb in AK

Congratulations, Karen!! I know you will not regret your decision. You will have lots to do, as you complete your year, but each activity, each lesson, each meeting, each event will be special. In June, I will be retired for 10 years (I took early retirement) and it only seems like yesterday. I made a scrapbook album highlighting all my "last" events--- last official school photo, last concert, last recess duty, last assembly, etc. It's one of my favorite albums (and one I've actually finished!) LOL!!
Sweet dreams tonight and enjoy your weekend!


Great decision! I can tell you now that at first,you will be doing all the things that you don't have time for at the moment,and every day feels like a holiday,and you will be wondering how you had time to fit in work,because the time just flies,it's a great feeling to do just whatever you feel like,with no clock watching,enjoy!


Congratulations on making a difficult decision but I'm sure you know that this is the right thing for you. I have followed your blog through the ups and downs of recent health challenges and found your positivity inspirational. Teaching is so demanding, that there comes a time to move on and I'm sure you will really enjoy your retirement.

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