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September 21, 2015



Thank you Nigel for the update, it has been a really rough time for you over the weekend, wishing you both best wishes and Karen a very speedy recovery.xx

Mary D

So sorry Nigel to hear that Karen has been unwell.what a worrying time for you both.they would have been better keeping her in until all the tests had been carried out.but I'm so glad that the results are clear,she will just have to rest and take things easy and I hope she will be feeling better soon ,Mary


Goodness Nigel! What a terrible couple of days for you both. I am SO pleased to hear that all is well and that the hospital were so vigilant. It is so easy to knock the NHS when actually they do an amazing job...we are so lucky in this country. Please pass on my best wishes and prayers that she will be back to normal soon. How fortunate she is to have you. Sara


Get well very soon Karen xx

Ann Caldwell

Hope you are on the mend Karen. What a scary few days for you both. The NHS are amazing when the need arises. Having needed emergency treatment a couple of years ago I do remember how well I was treated from the paramedics, to the staff in A&E and the specialists. Get well soon.xx


what a horrible weekend you have both had :( Thanks for updating us Nigel and sending lots of healing vibes to Karen to get well soon.
izzy xx

Barb in AK

Oh my, what a scare!! I'm so sorry Karen had to endure the torture of needles-- which I am such a baby about, so I do understand. Thank you, Nigel, for posting. You know we love you and Karen, and truly care about you both. I will be praying for Karen's quick and complete recovery, and for her to follow doctor's orders of rest, rest, and rest some more.


Thank you for the update Nigel. Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery for Karen x

Mike Smith

I can't believe my eyes, Nigel blogging? Seriously, thank you for the update and keeping us informed on Karen's progress. I am thankful that it was not something more serious but having had her ailment, I know how terrible it is. Good meds, lots of rest and pampering - that's the ticket! You have your work cut out for you mate! Take care, both of you, and give Karen my very best for a quick recovery. The kids must miss her at school. Hugs, Mike from FL


Get well soon x

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