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September 23, 2015


Mary D

So glad you feeling better! ,and the pain is easing,but don't overdue things.although I'm sure Nigel will be making sure you don't it must have been very worrying for both of you.
Take it easy and get your full strength back,mary X

Barb in AK

Karen, it's so great to see you back online! Praise God there was no blood clot! I know Nigel was a great help to you through all the trauma you faced, as he has always been your rock. Aren't we living in a wonderful age of medical care-- the amazing tests that can be done with machines, the answers which can be found through blood, and the medicines to help us recover and lessen our pain? Please take care and continue to rest.


So glad to see you back, but rest and take it easy, and well done Nigel for being a strength when you need it and for keeping us updated.x


glad to hear you are feeling better and on the road to recovery! Try to relax and take it easy as you have both had quite a fright!
izzy xxx

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