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May 26, 2015


Joan Old

My daughter had a verruca as a child and the doctor applied liquid nitrogen to it. Only needed the one application and the verruca was gone. Don't know if that treatment is still used, but it certainly worked.


Thanks Joan
The doctors don't do it anymore as they say it doesn't work.
You can buy liquid nitrogen stuff - which I have done. Seems the doctor was right - didn't work.


Try tea tree oil that is what the dr suggested to the parents of primary school age children and it worked.

Barb in AK

Just wanted you to know how sorry I am that you must not only suffer through this ailment, but also through unhelpful doctors. I don't blame you a bit for self-medicating and trying everything you can. Praying you find relief quickly!

Amanda Jane

You have my sympathy, they can be so painful. This may sound daft, but cover it in black insulating tape. I had a verruca for years that gels and freezing didn't cure. Then a friend told me how she had treated her son's verruca with the tape. Use a file or pumice to remove the dead skin, then cover it with the tape (held in place with a plaster as it tends to come off). It excludes the oxygen so the verruca begins to die. I did this morning and evening for 2-3 weeks and it worked. I've also used this method on both my children on new verrucas and it only took a few days for them.

Jan steventon

My hubby is diabetic and can't use the freeze stuff. What he did and it's worked twice. Take a bit of banana skin the same size as the verruca, banana skin side to the verruca. Put a plaster on it and leave it for a few days it should come away with the core of the verruca and heal. If it doesn't work repeat the process I promise you it will get rid of it.


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