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February 02, 2015


Barb in AK

Oh, I LOVE that template. I will try to give it a go sometime. I must think of some appropriate photos. What a great way to use up some scraps, too :-)

You know, around here, we would call Nigel "a jack of all trades". How wonderful to have such a multi-talented hubby :-) Is there anything he CAN'T do?? :-)

Does your school ever close for snow or ice? The school district here had a day off last month for the wind chill. They just did not want children standing at the stops, waiting for the busses when it was going to be feeling -50°F all day.
I had worked at the Fairbanks, AK, school district for 20 years without a single snow day, ice day, or fog day (no wind chill up there). Then, a new superintendent came in from Georgia. She was not used to the cold and ice fog in the winter. She drove out of her garage one winter morning, did a 360 in her driveway, drove back into the garage, went into her house and called in to the main office to cancel school due to the ice. The high school students were already in class, so they got an "early dismissal"-- very early ;-) A few years later, the bus company refused to drive, as the ice fog was so bad. The teachers still had to go in for school, but no classes were held. We got a "work day". I can't figure out how they thought being on the roads was so dangerous in that condition, but the teachers still had to drive it! Crazy!
Those are the only two days in 22 years of teaching up there that were cancelled.
I'm so thankful for retirement. I don't have to worry about weather/street conditions anymore.
Sorry to go off-topic.
Now, I've got to go think about photos for the great layout challenge :-)

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